"Butterfly series"

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"Thoughts of Van Gogh" series

Something exists in front of the paintings.

I think there is something in front of the paintings which shakes me directly inside beyond my understanding of the form of the works or the process of their creation.

I think that what exists in front of the paintings is similar to the power that the ground has in each area. I feel that some unique power the ground has and makes us feel some feelings emanates vertically from the land and floating in the space above the land. I also think that something which emanates vertically from the surface of the painting and floats in the space in front of the paintings affects someone who is standing in front of the paintings.

It's something that was once there.

"In front of the paintings" where the painter spent much time and poured his ceaseless passion into his works, I think that something like his thoughts or soul remains through the paintings as medium.

And when I stand in front of the paintings as a viewer, I think that when the artist's thoughts or soul that remains there overlaps with my own soul, a strong impression occurs there.

 acrylic/ quartz crystal powder on canvas or panel, F6~F50, (c)Miho Kitamoto


"Surface of the World"

Expression by disassembling paintings

I have drawn paintings for about 20 years since I was a student mainly in oil and acrylic colors. In addition to drawing paintings, I am always searching for new ways of expression which go beyond the limit of paintings.

This work began when I disassembled finished paintings into wooden frames and canvas. Oil paintings generally consists of canvas coated with gesso, wooden frames to which canvas is nailed or stapled, and mixture of pigment and vegetable-based oil painted on the surface.

Like Lucio Fontana, who was born in Argentina and worked in Italy, proclaimed Spatialism and tried to break through the framework of paintings by tearing or puncturing the canvas, I have been searching for new expression by disassembling paintings in order to break down the history and limits of oil paintings.

2018, acrylic on canvas or paper, F6 x 12peaces, (c)Miho Kitamoto

 "destruction and regeneration"

2018, acrylic on canvas / wood frame,  F100,  (c)Miho Kitamoto

"Scales of Themis"

Sun and Moon

"Scales of Themis" have symbolized justice for long time. The sun and the moon indicate two plates of balance scales, and constitute a series of paired works. The sun and the moon tell us the coming of morning or night and we realise that time has advanced a day. As an another feature of the sun and the moon, when we can see one, we can't see the other. The sun and the moon arranged on the left and the right like plates of balance scales represent that what is justice changes depending on time, and that while we focus on one's situation or background, we can't see the other one's.

2018, acrylic/ quartz crystal powder on canvas / windows, F30 x 2peaces, (c)Miho Kitamoto


Elements of existence of things

When I think about the existence of things, I think that "things" exist by combining two elements, which are "things" and "something that fills the surroundings around the things". In this work, I focus on the "surrounding air" (not only the air as a substance, but also something that fills the space) as one of the elements that make up the existence of the building.

Through the ordinary, everyday experience of opening a window and letting the wind come in, I am made to feel strongly that the air and space that surrounds the building are elements of existence of it.

Through this experience, I made these windows which gave me the "Awareness" be my art work. The concept of this work is that "the shape of the building is kept by what surrounds it".


Miho Kitamoto artist 2019
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